The great thing about movie trailers is that no matter how garbage the actual movie is, they're always good. Admit it, you saw the trailer for I, Frankenstein, looked at your date, and yell whispered, "ooh, I want to see that."

So for the past seven years the Golden Trailer Awards have been honoring the best of what's arguably the best part of going to the movies. 

This year at the ceremony (hosted by Jay Mohr) the Best of Show top honors went to the trailer for Gravity. 


Best Action trailer went to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Best Comedy went to the red band trailer for Bad Words


And the award for Trashiest Trailer went to something called Bad Milo, which judging by the trailer below is about some sort of poopy, stress-induced monster that escapes from Ken Marino's butt. It actually has a really funny cast. 

You can check out the full list of the dozens of winning trailers at the Golden Trailer Awards site. 

[Via IndieWire]