This doesn't really come as a huge surprise if you've been following the monster ratings for this series, but still, it's an amazing honor: According to The Wrap, Game of Thrones has officially surpassed The Sopranos to become the most popular series in HBO history, after this season has seen ratings climbing by the millions with every episode.

The series managed to inch past The Sopranos after this week's devastating episode (we won't spoil, for those who haven't yet seen it—but just know, we're still in denial about it) pushed the season's audience average to 18.4 million viewers. The Sopranos' best was 18.2 million viewers, during its 2002 season.

Like we said—a great honor, but not that surprising. After all, Game of Thrones has dragons. What other shows can really say that?

[via The Wrap]