In a crime that, as The Kid Mero would say, is "mad Floridian in nature," a Florida man was arrested for trying to sell marijuana to a police officerwho was in uniform at the time. 

The Smoking Gun reports that Terandell Coleman, 28, approached a Panama City Beach police officer on Wednesday night and, through the use of "slang words," communicated that he was trying to sell Lt. John Deegins weed. Never one to turn down a simple arrest, Deegins showed interest. 

Coleman proceeded to park the baby stroller he was pushing that carried his two-month-old child, then offered to sell Deegins $25 worth of marijuana. He was promptly arrested for possession with the intent to sell, as well as child neglect for trying to sell weed while babysitting. According to police a document, he left the stroller unattended "15 to 20 feet away" during the doomed salewho does that?

[via The Smoking Gun]

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