Watch this first trailer for Left Behind and try not to image an upcoming SNL "Get In The Cage" sketch with Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage, except he's saying "Why was I in that movie??"

The film follows the chaos and confusion that erupts when people suddenly begin to vanish during the Rapture. 

Apparently, for the guy who stars in everything, it was only a matter of time before Cage started remaking low-budget Kirk Cameron movies from the aughts, because, well, there's only so many ideas out there?

But as rough as the new trailer looks, it still looks a little better than this: 

Of course there's a solid chance this new Left Behind movie will be a huge, blockbuster success. The series of biblical-themed Left Behind books the film is based on have sold more than 65 million copies in 35 languages, and people go to the movies way more than they tend to read.

The film also stars Cassi Thomson (Big Love) as Cage's daughter, who along with Cage's character is forced to search for her lost mother and brother.

Left Behind is set to be released on Oct. 3.