A Brooklyn man was arrested over the weekend after a fire at his brownstone exposed his indoor marijuana farm, authorities say. 

DNAinfo reports that 45-year-old Antonio Dow was arrested on Sunday afternoon when an extension cord attached to the plant-growing lights caused the fire, leading firefighters right to the 40 marijuana plants in the basement of the Prospect Heights home. 

"He was growing substantial plants and his electrical wiring short-circuited, and that’s what caused a very smoky fire," Capt. Peter Rose of the 77th Precinct told DNAinfo last night. "They found these plants that were the size of small shrubs."

Furthermore, police discovered a rifle cartridge containing seven .38-caliber Winchester bullets and even more loose bullets in the apartment during a search. No gun was found, however.

Dow has been charged with criminal drug possession with intent to sell. 

[via DNAinfo]

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