After Ubisoft found themselves on the receiving end of some post-E3 Internet scorn for announcing there would be no playable female assassin in Assassin's Creed: Unity, Insomniac Games saw their chance to fire some shots.

A new promo clip for the upcoming Sunset Overdrive slyly takes shots at Ubisoft by showcasing how players will be able to customize their characters into any combination of age, gender, race, and shape. What does the demo show off? 

A female character decked out in a decidedly familiar hooded cloak was front and center in the Sunset Overdrive trailer showing off the new traps system. In case you missed the hubbub surrounding Assassin's Creed: Unity, Ubisoft explained the reasoning behind the omission of female characters was that they would be "too difficult" to animate and voice. 

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