With E3 firmly in the rear-view mirror of 2014, we have the time to properly sift through the sensory overload that was the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Ubsioft was showing off the next installment of the Far Cry franchise as players were given their first hands-on taste of Far Cry 4. Keeping in the tradition of the series, players will be transported to a lush and exotic locale where they will then promptly, destroy, garrote, eviscerate, and generally raze said locale.

It'll be great.

The folks over at VG247 managed to capture 10 minutes of gameplay that will see players take control of the series new protagonist, Ajay Ghale. Described as a 'devoted son' of Kryat, Far Cry 4's new setting, Ghale will be voiced by veteran voice actor Troy Baker of Bioshock Infinite and Batman Arkham Origins fame.

Blue Steel for days.

Far Cry 4 drops November 18 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.  Stay tuned and someone saddle my elephant.

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