Other than “My man’s the worst in the bedroom,” it’s the worst thing a woman could say to boyfriend/husband: My Man is a Loser. It’s also the title of a new comedy starring John Stamos, Michael Rapaport, and MADtv alum Bryan Callen, one that we’re guessing you’ll want to check out in hopes of preventing those five dreaded words from ever leaving your girl’s mouth.

Opening in theaters on July 25, My Man is a Loser, written and directed by Mike Young, is about Mike (Stamos), a ladies’ man who’s seemingly immune to fully committed relationships and, thus, is a role model for his two married friends, Marty and Paul (Rapaport and Callen, respectively). Hoping to learn some of Mike’s player moves, Marty and Paul ask him to teach them how to turn their wives on again—but, since this is a comedy, Mike’s lessons fail disastrously, leaving the from-dud-to-stud schooling up to Mike’s friend Clarissa (Tika Sumpter) and her much-needed feminine touch.

In this exclusive clip, Michael Rapaport’s character shows just how out-of-touch he is at a nightclub, reacting to some "techno/trance/glowstick shit" as if it’s a Garth Brooks megamix. Old-school rap heads will appreciate the Special Ed namedrop.

Give the clip a look above, and, if you’re ready for more, visit the film's official site and Twitter page. And, of course, mark your calendars for My Man is a Loser’s July 25 theatrical and VOD release.

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