Microsoft dropped the latest update for the Xbox One today and if you've scored one the next-gen liquid black boxes you'll want to take note. Far from being the average update with minor tweaks that have been the norm, this update premieres the ability to add external storage and a host of other features to make it easier to find friends online.

If you're like me you're getting a bit nervous about the lack of drive space. Now you can hook up any USB 3.0 hard drive with at least 256 GB of space and it'll become an external drive for your Xbox One. You can even hook up two.

Check out the video from Microsoft mouthpiece Major Nelson about a host of other features including integration with Microsoft's SmartGlass that allows you to use the phone app like a remote control and a new auto sign-in that get's you playing faster.

Don't forget next week Xbox is dropping the pay wall on apps allowing users without paid Xbox Live accounts to use Netflix, HBOGO and a variety of apps for free. Look for that update to drop on June 9.

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