Now that we’re in the heart of June, expect numerous “Best Movies of the Year (So Far)” lists to surface online, including our own here at Complex Pop Culture. And you should also expect to see Enemy on all of those countdowns, or at the least the only ones worth their salt.

Given a limited theatrical run by A24 Films in February, Enemy is one hell of a cinematic mind-screw. In the best performance(s) of his career, Jake Gyllenhaal plays dual roles, starting off as Adam Bell, an introverted college history professor who discovers that there’s an actor named Anthony St. Claire who looks exactly like him. Adam and Anthony quickly cross paths and, through the latter’s arrogant manipulation, briefly switch lives—with less-than-pleasant results.

That’s Enemy in a nutshell, but, trust, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (who also worked with Gyllenhaal on last year’s Prisoners) makes it even stranger and more disorienting than that sounds. With its darkly lit cityscapes, eerie sound design, and metaphorical imagery, Enemy fucks with your mind while enthralling your eye sockets.

If you thought Jake Gyllenhaal got weird in Donnie Darko, you haven’t seen anything yet. And, good news, now you can see it. In anticipation of the film’s official June 24 DVD/Blu-ray release date, we’re giving away five Enemy Blu-rays. The rules are simple: Simply tweet your best answer following question, using the hashtag #EnemyGiveaway, at @ComplexPop:

If you saw your doppelgänger walking down the street, what would you do?

The deadline for all submissions is Thursday at 4pm EST. The winners will be announced on Friday, June 20. And even if you don’t emerge victorious here, be sure to pick up Enemy next week. For further convincing, see the perfectly unnerving trailer below.

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