Apparently they're for real.

The app has yet to launch and details are scarce, but what we know for sure is that founders Matt Gray and Tom Scott are serious about their newest project: a social network comprised entirely of emojis.

Dubbed "Emojli", the emoji-only social network aims to break free of all the stuff that has been ruining life on other sites, namely words.  Spam, obtrusive advertising, your overzealous Aunt who forces herself into every Facebook conversation, evidently all of these issues could be solved by simply replacing the words we all hate with the images and characters we all love.  No more trolls.  No more hashtags.  Just you and your crying emoji followed by maybe a few skulls to prove how funny something was.

The release date for Emojli as of now is still TBD, but those anxious to abandon the standard means of human communication for iOS symbols can head over to the Emojli site now and register their emoji-only username before the app launches (three "100"s in a row is already taken, BTW).

Is this the double-plus-bad anti-language revolution George Orwell's 1984 warned us about or just the natural progression of internet laziness?  Judge for yourself.

[via Dazed]