Harry Potter may have ended a while ago, but Hermione Granger still managed to land herself in hot water. Emma Watson has fallen subject to reports that state she was employing a United States native in the United Kingdom without the appropriate working permits. Much like the U.S., illegal employment in the U.K. is highly illegal. If found guilty of the claims, Watson faces up to $17,000 in fines— far more than she originally planned to pay for the services.

According to The Independent, Watson’s housekeeper may have been working illegally in her London home. The mega-star employed the housekeeper in New York to take care of her apartment in early 2013. However, Watson allegedly took her maid with her to the U.K. on a tourist via, thus, prohibiting her from working in the country.

Claims state that Watson employed her maid on the other side of the pond for three months spanning from September 2013 to early February 2014. Border Agency officials began looking into the situation when they received several complaints stating that Watson was employing someone illegally. The maid allegedly made trips to and from London and was paid to help take care of the star's three-story home in Islington. It was during one of those trips that a Border Agency staff member questioned her about her ability to pay for her trip. According to the NY Daily News, Watson has yet to comment on the allegation.

[via E! Online