The romantic comedy spoof They Came Together will hit theaters and VOD one week from tomorrow, and those who have enjoyed director David Wain’s earlier work (Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models, Wanderlust) will surely delight in this Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd-led ensemble comedy. But it’s not just Poehler, Rudd, and a bunch of nobodies in the movie; among the other luminaries also in the film are:

Ed Helms, Cobie Smulders, Christopher Meloni, Max Greenfield, Bill Hader, Ellie Kemper, Jason Mantzoukas, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Ian Black, Kenan Thompson, Jack McBrayer, and Ken Marino.

Above is a clip from the film, where we see Helms show the classic bad timing of a bumbling, ill-suited potential boyfriend for our rom-com’s leading lady. Note to self: maybe don’t ask a woman out in the same breath that you’re telling her that her business is dying.

[via EW]