Who is Zed? Zed's dead; But then he came back. The developer behind the horror first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 rolled out this creepy-as-hell introduction to some of the games flesh eating bad guys dubbed "Zeds."

The video introduces the Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Cyst and Fleshpound whose names may not be very inspired but whose modeling is. These things look great.

The monsters are all set to appear in the upcoming murder-fest that is Killing Floor 2. A game that doesn't try to weight down players with hefty moral choices or slow-poke narratives. Gamers will be strapping on the big guns and killing until there's nothing left in a cooperative game that lets you join up with buddies and save what's left of the world.

Killing Floor 2 is in development for PC and Steam OS and doesn’t have a release date yet.

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[via Tripwire Interactive]