Electronic music hit-maker and avid gamer Deadmau5 is hawking his Nyan Cat themed Ferrari 458, dubbed the Purrari, for charity. Unfortunately you can't bid on the cat car right now as the original post on Craigslist has been taken down. Deadmau5 however Tweeted that he'll be posting the car up on a new auction site.

According to Twitter the artists says he already got some bids starting above the $380,000 starting price. All the cash will go to the Toronto Humane Society. Whoever wins also gets to go on a coffee run, just like Pharrell.

The Purrari participated in the Gumball 3000 a charity road race that speeds from New York City to Ibiza in which Xzibit famously lost his license.

Stay tuned to Deadmau5's Twitter for where you can grab the car that set the land speed Nyan Cat record.

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[via The Verge, Deadmau5]