Dark Souls II is puzzling. Before the initial release of the game, it was very much taking advantage of the built-for-next-gen engine From made to their sequel. The retail release sadly leaves much to be desired (visually). While it was suspected that the game was held back on current gen for the eventual release of a next-gen port, the PC version - usually a strong indicator of more or less what a game would look like on Xbox One or PS4 – wasn't the huge graphical upgrade that was expected.

Now From has announced plans for a DLC trilogy of episodes, which makes the likelihood of an eventual Game of the Year edition – one that, given the current trend of the industry, probably would get a next-gen port – quite high. So is there a plan to eventually release a DSII redux of sorts that would remaster everything? It's unclear. Anyway, here's the new trailer. It is, as you might expect, more Dark Souls.

[Via Youtube