Jimmy Fallon got a little crazy last night and challenged known ripped dude Channing Tatum to an arm wrestle. He knew what he was getting himself into though—he's seen Magic Mike twelve times, after all.

The real takeaway, though, might be that Tatum is actually an evil genius. When the two described what they'd do to celebrate a win, the 22 Jump Street star got diabolical.

""After I win, I'm going to stuff myself in a duffel bag so only my head is sticking out. Then ride around an airport carousel and yell, 'A little help!'" Fallon said.

"After I win, I'm going to start texting you so you see that little typing bubble come up," Tatum said. "Then I'll wait about five years and then write, 'K.'" Watch the match below:

[via Us Weekly]