From Software's gothic Souls successor Bloodborne made quite a showing at E3 this week, introducing fans to a horrifying new 19th century-styled world that, despite its Dracula-esque setting and art direction, still very much appears to be a Souls–style affair. Now a new gameplay trailer for the PS4-exclusive has leaked online, providing a minute and a half of in-game footage against all sorts of nasty beasties.

The leaked footage that found its way online before E3 is embedded within the trailer, which depicts the raggedly dressed protagonist squaring off in some rather intense looking combat situations against all manner of infected villagers (the game takes place in a world where a plague is turning humans into monsters) and other horrifying creatures – for instance, a massive and sinewy spider.

In addition to this early gameplay trailer, Game Informer reports that a screenshot has been obtained that allegedly gives a release date to Bloodborne: March 31, 2015. While the trailer has been taken down from Youtube, you can still watch it on the GI website via the link below. Souls fans will be glad they did.

[Via Game Informer]