We all have those friends that hide in a corner when they’re texting just to make sure nobody sees what they’re writing. Or even worse, friends who buy a blackout screen for the phone that probably makes them dizzy.  What's a little nausea when compared to cell phone privacy, right? Well, there’s finally a phone built specifically for the super paranoid. 

The Blackphone is an Android handset that's built to ensure your mobile privacy. With a price tag of $630 (sans contract), the secure phone has a 4.7-inch HD IPS display, 2GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB of storage and an 8-megapizel camera. The phone comes LTE equipped and is currently available for pre-sale.

The phone aims to do most of the legwork for its privacy-conscious users. It is pre-subscribed to and pre-installed with a vast array of anti-spying software. Alongside encrypted messaging the Blackphone also comes with an encrypted contact list, meaning you get silent text and calls.

Typically the services included in the Blackphone come at a hefty price for regular iOS and Android users ($99+/year), however, the Blackphone comes with two years of these services included. With pre-sales having started already, the phone can be purchased by the general public come July 14th.

Although Apple is generally seen as the go-to for innovation, Android is catching up fairly quickly. The Blackphone is the first of its kind and may open the floodgates for similar privacy-first devices.  If you're the secretive type when it comes to your smartphone...you now know what to do.


[via Gizmodo]