It is official. The final chapter in Rocksteady Games Batman series, Batman: Arkham Knight, will be delayed until 2015 joining a host of other Xbox One and PlayStation 4 titles pushed until next year.

While the game may be delayed fans will still got a look at the new Batmobile in this brief teaser with more promised during next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Arkham Knight's gameplay is built around using the Batmobile to full effect. Players will not only be able to drive around in the shape-shifting tank but also call it in for fire support when things get tough.

This next-gen title is just the latest in a serious of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to be delayed. Whether because they need work or as often happens, were announced a bit too early. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Order: 1886, Dying Light, and Mad Max are just few big next-gen titles to be shuffled to the next calendar year. Not to mention games like The Division which insiders say is more than two years away.

What do you think? If you haven't upgraded to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One does all this shuffling have you holding onto your cash?

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