How do you flesh-out the commercial battle for gamers between Microsoft and Sony when both are trying to get fans to buy into its version of next-gen? One way is based on sales. Another is to create a map based on Facebook likes that attempts to judge the popularity of each around the country in this latest console war.

Analysis site Movoto, which usually deals in real estate trends but who dabbles in gaming every once in awhile, counted up the Facebook likes received by the three next-gen consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. The result is a map showing that Xbox One received the most likes in their respective states, 22. While the PlayStation 4 took home 19 states and the Wii U, predictably, didn't even chart. The remainder were all tied up.

Despite that fact that Sony has sold more PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox still wins the electoral vote. One interesting bit of information was that the states that liked the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the most and least were the same. In both cases Nevada liked the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the most. While Mississippi, according to Movoto, thinks consoles are for dorks.

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[via Movoto]