Year: 1994
Charges: Malicious wounding
Location: Manassas, Va.

Lorena Bobbitt made herself a household name after a committing a crime many abused women have likely contemplated.

A victim of marital rape, Bobbitt was driven to the edge after her husband, John Wayne, forced himself on her. During the 1994 trial, Lorena explained to the jury that she wasn't aware of what she had done until she fled the scene with her husband's genitals in one hand and the knife in the other.

The facts were simple. Lorena did indeed mutilate her husband and dispose of his parts. The jury believed that John Wayne's behavior caused Lorena's mental state to unravel to the point where she was unable to control her actions.

The not guilty verdict left men in America weary of how they were treating their girlfriends.