Everyone knew 4/20 was going to be huge in Colorado this year, in terms of both scale and financially due to the legalization of recreational marijuana. The numbers are finally in, and everyone was right. 

According to the Associated Press, tax collection information released yesterday showed that the state sold roughly $22 million worth of recreational marijuana during the month of April. Furthermore, that's a 17 percent jump over March and a 58 percent increase over January, when legal recreational sales began. 

While Colorado doesn't have an exact figure for the number of 4/20 visitors, the Associated Press notes that there were long lines in Denver for the duration of the weekend, and the city's annual 4/20 celebration drew some 30,000 people. Marijuana tourism, FTW.

The Associated Press also says that medical marijuana sold better than recreational marijuana during the month of April, bringing in $32 million. Recreational marijuana is taxed at a substantially higher rate, facing an additional 10 cent sales tax to cover regulation and education fees, as well as a 15 percent excise tax to fund school construction. 

Either way, this means more money for Colorado, so everyone—potheads included—is happy.

[via Associated Press

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