With Mario Kart 8  recently dropping in stores there's no better time to take a look at the most unique and endearing trait of the entire 22-year-old series.

That trait is, of course, your ability to use your randomized arsenal to virtually sacktap enemies, friends and family alike. Take a look above at the array of weapons Mario has at his disposal. He's an army on wheels ready to take out opponents via shell, Bob-omb, or squid. The item he decides to hit you with will be a beautiful combination of both luck and skill. 

That's because anybody who's ever played the series knows that Mario Kart does an excellent job of balancing both. Your triumph could be another driver's tragedy. How many perfectly run races have you watched an adversary choke away on a banana peel? How many bad turns sent you from a victory lap to steering wheel punching disappointment? How many times has a squid spooged all over your screen sending you careening off a cliff?

Those are just a couple of ways to get screwed while karting, but the sheer quantity of race-ruining methods is massive. That is why, today, we decided to focus on the extraordinarily aggravating. The type of racing catastrophe that can stem from a glitch to really, really bad luck. We took hundreds of possibilities and whittled them way down.

Here are the Ten Worst Ways to Get Screwed in Mario Kart.

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