We are loathe to admit it, but our environment changes us. No matter how much we would like to think that we are each unique snowflakes, we are and continue to be a product of our little corner of the world. I am from a small Pennsylvania town. Like me, a lot of my friends got the Hell out of there as soon as they could. Some of them had girlfriends that were still in high school or attending a local college when they left. As my friends got out into the wider world, as they moved to urban areas, went off to college, or joined the military, their world view and their values changed. The rural ideal of marriage at twenty-two, children at twenty-five, and a house down the street from your parents didn't sound as sweet as it once did. In many cases, their conservative world view changed as their partner's stayed the same. It isn't that a house and 2.5 kids isn't a fine dream. In fact, it continues to work out for a lot of people. But, if the dreams of one partner change, the relationship has to change as a result, or maybe even come to an end.