Eventually, you have to move in with each other or break-up. Generally, that's how relationships work. That point usually hits around the two to three year mark, depending on just how commitment-phobic the two of you may be. I've seen it happen as early as six months in, but those relationships tend to burn brightly and then flame out. When you're in a long-distance relationship, you can't incrementally increase intimacy, there is no way to further connect your lives. No matter how cheesy it might be, there is meaning behind keeping some clothes at your girlfriend's place. There is something to making your boyfriend a key. Moving in together is a huge step. If you don't have to take any of these steps, then you can keep a comfortable distance between you that allows for the denial of any incompatibility. One of the greatest dangers of long distance relationships is that you end up dating the idea of a person and never come to terms with your partner's flaws.