This recipe was adapted from The Icelandic Chef, who used a vodka jelly to spice up a cold-smoked fish dish that is common in Iceland.

4 large scallops
Bunch of Rose marine
Bunch of thyme
Bunch of coconut flakes
1 cup of citrus
½ cup water
¼ ounce Gelatin
Scallion marmalade
1 ounce Osetra caviar
Pickling liquid
4 Lime segments
Lemon oil
Salt and pepper

Place the scallop in the pickling liquid and marinate it for half an hour. Fill a deep pan with ice, close it with a sheet of aluminum foil, and put it on a grill. Throw some rosemary, thyme and coconut flakes on top of the embers for smoke flavor. Then put the scallop on top of the foil and shut the grill lid. The ice in the pan keeps the scallop cool, so it is in fact smoked in cold smoke. Leave the scallop in the smoke for twenty minutes and then turn them and smoke twenty minutes more. To prepare the vodka jelly, heat the half cup of water in a pot, dissolve the gelatin in it, and add the vodka. Allow the jelly to cool until firm. Then chop it into small cubes about a quarter of an inch in size.

To serve, use the cubes of vodka jelly to make a bed in the center of a plate, larger than the size of the scallop. Place one piece of lime segment onto the bed. Place the scallop on top.  On top of the scallop we put a layer of scallion marmalade, and then a generous scoop of caviar. Drizzle lemon oil around the arrangement for decoration and flavor.