In the dance community, YouTube has been a point of contention. The OGs didn't have the Internet to promote themselves when they were trying to come up, and had to rely solely on the grind to get recognition. The new school dancers, who grew up with YouTube for the better part of the last decade, have used it as the cornerstone of their marketing. Now, it's easy to watch clips all day and learn routines from all over the world — but the downside is the Internet's thirst for instant gratification, which the craft of dancing has had to adapt to.

Either way, having YouTube as a tool for dance should be looked at as a gift. Regardless of how you feel about it, peep the 10 Illest Dance Videos on YouTube Right Now. #Twerk it out in the comments.

Diane Cho is a writer based in New York City who loves to eat, sleep and dance. Follow her on Twitter.