Duncan Jones has apparently just finished shooting the long-awaited Warcraft film, the director of Moon said on Twitter, after a four month principal photography session. Not much is known about the film, though we do know that the Blizzard adaptation is being made with Legendary Pictures and will use heavy special effects through Industrial Light and Magic – post-production effects work is expected to take a long time, considering the film won't actually be out until summer 2016.

The Warcraft film (which was once believed to be a World of Warcraft adaptation) has been kept under lock and key, so little is known about it, but it is said to be something of an origin story about the war between the orcs and humans, i.e., taking inspirations from Blizzard's old-school Warcraft isometric classics. It's also maybe the first time a known-quantity director with some credibility has tried to tackle a video game adaptation that hasn't utterly fallen apart in the planning stages.

Warcraft has been talked on and off as a film since 2006, so fans are probably champing at the bit for this release. More on this story as it develops.

[Via Gamespot]