There's a place for loud, no-holds-barred, "Drunk in Love"-style, alcohol-fueled sex. The same plane that your parents are traveling on isn't one of them. 

According to the New York Daily News, a British woman in her 20s was on a Virgin Airlines flight (the irony) from Gatwick Airport in London to Las Vegas with her parents when she decided she absolutely had to have sex with the man seated next to her in the bathroom. They were so loud that fellow passengers complained, and crew members had to break the door down and separate them.

The surly woman didn't take too kindly to that and allegedly started hurling drunken insults at the crew. She was like a wild animal; they had to strap her into her seat just to calm her down.

Her poor parents, who heard and witnessed everything, must've been so embarrassed.

Police in Las Vegas questioned her after the plane landed, but she got off with a warning, no pun intended. Imagine the conversation her parents must've had with her. That is, if they're talking to her at all right now. 

[via New York Daily News]

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