One of the greatest losses with modern game publishing is the loss of cover art. There was a special kind of excitement to getting a PC or Commodore 64 game home and while waiting for it to install, or your dad to get done watching TV, read through the essential booklet. Pondering over the sword and sorcery style covers about the pixelated fun you were about to have.

Artists over at Dorkly have created covers for hit mobile games like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, and others. Offering a new spin on the games you already know. Classic covers always had a way of being fairly misleading. For example if Candy Crush Saga was about a viking smashing a jelly bean I'd be far more likely to play it.

Better yet, every cover includes some kind of viking. A common these in classic games whether there was a viking in the game or not. Check out the tiny viking helmet on the scorpion in Temple Run.

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[via Dorkly]

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