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Two brothers reportedly got into a shootout in Virginia on some twisted, modern day Cain and Abel shit. One of them took bullets to the face and neck, then allegedly spit a bullet out on some action movie shit. 

According to WWBT, the confrontation took place on Sunday evening in Chesterfield, Va. The older brother is said to have come to check on his younger brother after previous arguments and hearing that he had discharged a gun inside of his mobile home. 

Authorities say the older sibling told them his brother brandished the weapon, leaving him no choice but to shoot his brother twice in self-defense. He cared enough to call 911 and wait for emergency responders to arrive, and the younger brother reportedly spit out a bullet that had traveled through his nose. 

The younger brother is recovering at a local hospital, and though the older brother was taken into custody, police have yet to file charges against him. 

Personal advice? Listen to "You Must Love Me" and let the past be the past. 

[via WWBT]

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