Todd Phillips and Bradley Cooper are working together on another movie.

Wait! It’s OK! It’s not another Hangover movie. For now, it looks like they’ve decided to leave that one be.

Instead, Phillips and Cooper will be working together as producers on Arms And The Dudes, originally an article in Rolling Stone by Guy Lawson that Phillips purchased the movie rights for in 2011. The film follows the true story of two stoner buddies aged 25 and 21 who somehow landed a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm allies in Afghanistan, only to eventually be busted for fraud.

The article indicates that Jonah Hill may be tabbed in one of the lead roles, although they’re too early in the process for any casting decisions to have been made. It’s a new and interesting trajectory for Phillips, who (for once) will be doing a movie were characters’ actions may actually have consequences.

[via Indiewire]