While Titanfall developer Respawn has been showing off different parts up its upcoming three map expansion, dubbed Expedition, this is the first footage of the new maps in action.

Swampland seems to be the stand-out. Differing from the others with a rustic, organic setting, it has high sniping spots and close contact corridors. Runoff is an experiment in layering sight-lines. Death will come from all directions and it has sight-line corridors that span the entire map. Finally Wargames is a simulation that merges together features from existing maps to give players an experimental playground to learn new skills.

Check out the new maps and tell us what you think. It was revealed yesterday that the Xbox 360 version of Expedition will lag behind the release of Xbox One and PC versions. Expedition drops this month, with the Xbox 360 version dropping in June.

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[via TotalXBox]