A tire flew off of a Lexus and crashed through the windshield of a commuter bus on a New Jersey highway, reports NBC New York.

The Manhattan-bound bus was carrying 50 passengers on Route 17 as the wheel came careening down the road. Four people were injured, including a 49-year-old man sitting directly behind the driver who is now in critical condition. Two other passengers and the driver also have minor injuries. 

"The wheel was traveling really fast—it actually smashed the window, struck the bus driver, ricocheted off the ceiling of the bus and struck four more passengers," passenger John Ditmars told NBC New York

Considering the speed the vehicles were moving and the weight of a tire, it's amazing that no one was killed. Still, the event begs a seemingly important question, namely: How often do tires come flying off of moving vehicles?! Here's hoping this event was as unusual as it sounds. 

[via NBC New York]

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