Tinder is a vast ocean of loneliness and testosterone, but sometimes it's nice to throw a bone into the mix and switch things up.

One journalist, Joe Veix, decided to open an account on the dating app as a golden retriever named Hero. To make things fair, he made the dog a male on his first go around, so he'd be matched with girls within a 100-mile radius. Here are some of their responses, as chronicled by him on Death and Taxes:

Sort of playful, right?

Now check out what happens when he switched the dog to a female, and was matched up with guys within a 100-mile radius:

A vastly different vibe coming from the dudes. In all, Joe got 206 matches (154 men and 52 women) in just about four days. But it was too much for him to handle. "I stopped being a female dog after a day, and deleted the app," he said. "I got sick of my phone being overloaded with Tinder notifications and awful messages. Even if you’re a dog, online dating is terrible."

[via Death and Taxes]