Date: 5/16/14
Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Crime: Criminal Possession of Weapons, Controlled Substance
Ratchet Meter: 8

Police officers in Brooklyn found a plethora of weapons (and some drugs) inside of a Brooklyn home on May 15.

Gothamist reports that the NYPD's 62 Precinct Special Operations Unit secured a search warrant, then found a robust collection of firearms: 9 MM Highpoint Rifle-Defaced, 380 Cal loaded Bryco semi-automatic handgun, 357 Cal Taurus Revolver and 38 Cal INA Brazilian Revolver.

To accompany the guns was array of ammunition: 50 rounds of 45 cal ammunition, 50 rounds of 9MM ammunition, 67 rounds of 347 cal ammunition, 50 rounds of 38 cal ammunition, 17 rounds of 380 cal ammunition and A 45 cal magazine.

The rest is strange, yet equally disturbing: 8 swords, 1 machete, 8 Codeine tablets, assorted knives and air pistols and a pair of nunchuks. 

The raid led to the arrest of 42-year-old Michael Sylmetaj, 38-year-old Adem Sylmetaj, 36-year-old Bashkim Sylmetaj, and 32-year-old Zenaida Vaysberg. In addition to drug charges, each were charged with criminal possession of weapons and a controlled substance.