Could it be that The Simpsons is actually growing relevant again? If they keep putting out episodes like last night's Lego-themed episode, then quite possibly: According to EW, The Simpsons earned its highest ratings in a while, up a whopping 19 percent from last week's fairly low-rated episode.

So, what does this mean in specific numbers? Last night's episode—which saw the town of Springfield and the Simpsons themselves transformed into Lego figurines—earned 4.3 million viewers, and a 1.9 rating amongst the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic. It probably helped that this was a landmark episode for the series (550 episodes), but, the most telling indicator that this episode was going to perform well in the ratings was likely the fact that it actually didn't suck. When was the last time any of us have been able to say that about an episode of The Simpsons? In fact...when was the last time anyone even brought a new episode of The Simpsons into the greater pop culture conversation at all?

Exactly. Welcome back, Homer.

[via EW]