It’s finally happening! According to Mashable, this September FOX will be bringing The Simpsons and Family Guy together for an hour-long crossover episode. The special, titled The Simpsons Guy, was teased during the network’s Upfront presentation, which showed clips featuring Bart skateboarding with Stewie and Homer getting into a brawl with Peter. Additionally, the episode will focus on Lisa and Meg attempting to find something Meg is actually good at doing, while Lois and Marge attempt to break free from the housewife life together.

This crossover has been something that fans have been hoping for ever since Family Guy debuted after Super Bowl XXXIII. Fueling this frenzy has been the fact that the two shows have actually traded good-natured jabs at each other over the years. Will The Simpsons Guy declare a winner in the ongoing war between these two iconic cartoons? No one should care as long as they bring the laughs.

[via Mashable]