Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Jim Lee

One of the best-selling Batman stories of all time, Jeph Loeb’s “Hush” is a globetrotting mystery that packs in sprawling fight scenes and some of the best work of Jim Lee’s career. This book is more about the blockbuster creative team than it is the actual story content, but “Hush” still manages to be a solid read despite that.

After a mysterious new villain named Hush shows up in Gotham claiming to know Batman's secret identity, the Caped Crusader must use all of the tools in his arsenal to take him down. As he does this, a childhood friend of Wayne’s reemerges and reveals more about his past than he ever knew. Touting cameo appearances from nearly every ally and villain from Batman’s supporting cast, “Hush” is the perfect story for the casual fan to begin their comic book reading habit.

The mystery that Loeb tries to weave is never really gripping—especially with an ending that is pretty obvious from the start—but the way he gets into Batman’s head is perfect. And where Loeb’s plots begin to wear a little thin, the flashy art by Jim Lee should be enough to keep you flipping the pages. Never known for his intricate storytelling abilities, Lee manages to succeed with splash pages and pin-up pieces that should appeal to most Bat fans.