Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Tim Sale

Taking place in the early days of Batman’s career, The Long Halloween is a murder mystery detailing the case of “The Holiday Killer,” a serial killer who vows to strike on every major holiday. At the same time, this book explores the relationship between Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon, and the tragic tale of how an honorable man like Harvey Dent eventually transformed into Two-Face.

With an incredibly intricate plot in place, and a never-ending supporting cast of classic characters, Jeph Loeb’s timeless superhero odyssey pays homage to the look and flavor of classic Hollywood noir films and Batman stories from the Golden Age. Loeb deftly balances the fall of Harvey Dent, the triumphant rise of Batman, and the overarching mystery that brings all of these unlikely bedfellows together without a hitch. And like any good mystery story, even when the case is closed, questions still remain.

This book might be most memorable for the art style of Tim Sale, who brings a look to this story that is hard to define and impossible to duplicate. This is the comic that Christopher Nolan often cites as his biggest influence on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and it’s easy to see why.