While another Terminator movie might not have sounded too appealing a year ago, the film became an instant must-see once it was officially announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be returning to the franchise. In addition to Schwarzenegger, Terminator: Genesis also touts a stacked cast and crew, including Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, and director Alan Taylor. In all, things could be much worse. 

Now, courtesy of The Daily Mail, the first set photos featuring Arnold himself have landed online. Schwarzenegger looks noticeably older as the Terminator here, sporting some grey hair and “aged” human skin over his metallic body, according to the site. Will his presence be enough to make Genesis the first worthy Terminator since Judgment Day? We’ll have to wait until July 1, 2015 to find out. Until then, check out the photos below:

[via The Daily Mail]