Last night Edward Snowden told NBC News that the U.S. government has the ability to monitor your location and take pictures with your cell phone without your permission.  Today, the people behind the Lookout app have given you the same power.

In the past mobile theft apps such as Find My iPhone and were restricted to showing the recently robbed only vague areas where the phone and/or thief may be located.  Now we have the "Theftie".  For $3 a month or $30 a year, Lookout gives Android users the ability to take a covert selfie of the thief if they engage in any common criminal activities (i.e. failing to unlock the phone after an incorrect passcode).  

The app also has a loud "Scream" feature that turns your phone into a police siren, a "Signal Flare" feature that emails users the phone's location if the battery gets low, and the option to lock and erase remotely as well.  All useful tools, but none as intriguing or controversial as taking a secret photo of the asshole who stole your phone.

via [WSJ]