Curious about sex lives across the world for obvious reasons, Durex decided to invade bedrooms and conduct studeis to determine what kind of sex people are having. 

According to data from their 2007-2008 Sexual Wellbeing Survey and 2012 Face of Global Sex survey, residents of Nigeria and Mexico have the most exciting sex lives. A lot of the satisfaction in Mexico came from the discovery that (gasp!) people tend to enoy their sex lives more when they feel respected. Mexico also topped that list. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum are folks in Japan, who are miserable because their sex lives are, as well.

The study says they just aren't having enough sex: 

The simplest explanation for Japan's sexual woes is that they're just not doing it. Thirty-four percent of Japanese folk report having sex weekly. The next lowest country, somewhat surprisingly the United States, reports a weekly 53 percent sex rate (though, this isn't the only indication of sexual satisfaction: 76 percent of Italians are having sex weekly, and they're still near the bottom of the satisfaction pack).

But why aren't they having more sex? They spend too much time working: 

For years, Japan reported some of the longest average working hours in the world. In and of itself, this makes sex less likely. Veteran Japan reporter Michael Zielenziger says working hours have made "physical contact" between spouses "so infrequent that some of Japan's leading homebuilders now report that more than one in three custom homes is built with separate bedrooms for husband and wife."

All work and no play makes for a bunch of angry, sexually frustrated people. 

[via Vox]

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