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Tinder is a microcosm of the rest of the world, so it's rarely a surprise to encounter such fundamentally human characteristics as thirst and creepiness while swiping through. But that's not all: much like in real life, the singles app is riddled with racism in the form of rampant blackface, brownface, and other forms of wholly offensive cultural appropriation.

Accordingly, someone created a handy Tumblr to call out perpetrators of Tinder racism, because there's nothing quite like shaming a racist on the Internet. The blog, called Stop White People: Tinder Edition, belongs to a broader network of Tinder-related blogs hilariously called the Tinder Survivors Network.

At the URL, the blog posts screenshots of white Tinder users whose profile pictures feature them wearing bindis, headdresses, blackface, or other forms of culture-as-costume racism. Truly a noble act.