Everyone deserves love and happiness—that's the premise behind Stitch, a forthcoming app that's being a billed as a Tinder of sorts for the elderly. 

The companionship app is designed to match people over 50 who are looking for "friends, marriage, and everything in between." Unlike Tinder, it will not feature a chat option, instead encouraging users to communicate by phone.

"[One] of the inevitabilities of aging is that your social circle gradually shrinks. Some people die, some move to Florida, some find their bodies just can't do the activities they used to. With people living longer than ever before, this means the only way to stay socially healthy is to meet new companions – but for many people at a later stage in life, that's extraordinarily difficult," the app's founder, Andrew Dowling, told VICE.

“Believe it or not, for seniors loneliness is a bigger killer than smoking or obesity. The reality is that we need to stay socially connected, if we want to stay healthy."

Can't argue with that.

[via BetaBeat]