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We already knew that Disney was going to be releasing a new Star Wars movie every year beginning in 2015, but the subject of some of those films was still a bit unclear. Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are slated for 2015, 2017, and 2019, respectively, and according to /Film the 2016 movie will be centered around fan favorite Boba Fett.

But now, according to a German Star Wars fan site, the subjects of the other two spin-off projects for 2018 and 2020 have been revealed as well.

Toy company Hasbro—which makes all Star Wars-related toys—recently revealed in a presentation the following timeline:

  • 2014: Rebels
  • 2015: Episode VII
  • 2016: Boba Fett
  • 2017: Episode VIII
  • 2018: Solo
  • 2019: Episode IX
  • 2020: Red Five

Rebels alludes to the Disney XD series that will begin airing this fall, and it seems clear now that Solo and Red Five are the two other as-yet-unnamed spinoff projects. So what could they be about?

Solo could either be a pre-Episode IV tale about how Han Solo met Chewbacca and came to that bar on Tatooine. Or maybe it’s about his kids. Or maybe it’s meant to be read as solo rather than Solo, and is just a movie with only one person in it the whole time.

As for Red Five, that was the callsign was used by both Luke Skywalker in Episode IV and Anakin Skywalker in Episode II when they were flying their respective starfighters, so who knows which direction this is going in. We’re sincerely hoping that no matter what, though, there’s no Hayden Christensen involved.

One thing is for certain: this will all be discussed ad nauseam for months and maybe years to come on every major Star Wars website in existence.

[via UPROXX]