Jacob Williamson, a 15-year-old spelling wiz, is clearly a very confident young man. He took to the stage last night and was asked to spell “kabaragoya,” which in case you were wondering is a large sea creature native to southeastern Asia, the Malay archipelago, and the Philippines.

The young man obviously felt such a simple word was beneath him. But lo! A fatal error was made: swapping out a “k” for a “c.”

Alas, while Jacob did not achieve his dream of winning the bee, he did get something else instead: internet superstardom. His incredulity has taken him from “just another spelling bee runner-up” status to something more in line with “boss” or "legend."

Here’s the video of his moment of glory, one you’re sure to see played again and again for the next few days:

And let the meme-ification begin...

[via UPROXX]