As Gothamist points out, Instagram user Tom Dixon has noticed that all the dog poops on his block have been "bedazzled" with gold glitter. While so far, we only have one image of the feces on Dekalb Avenue in Bushwick, it's possible that this artistic genius could take his or her work to other regions of the borough. Whether this is a grand statement, a one-time prank, or a dog that got into its owner's crafting kit remains unclear. One thing we do know: This is clearly the future of modern art. 

UPDATE: A helpful reader has pointed out the Instagram account @goldpoonyc, which features numerous similarly gilded shits along with spray-painted Poo Bears and other crap-tastic visual puns. While goldpoonyc appears to use spray paint rather than glitter, it seems likely that it's the same artist. 

SECOND UPDATE: We have direct confirmation from @goldpoonyc. And apparently we were mistaken about the chosen artistic medium: 

"That's my thing.


I do not use glitter. Lol" 

[via Gothamist]

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