A Vine recently went viral of a girl picking up a shovel and tossing it at the girl who she was fighting, knocking her to the ground with a thunderous SMACK right to the side of her dome.

If anything, the sound of the shovel hitting the girl's head is what will make you cringe (you might even have to turn your volume down a bit.) The Vine clip is actually from a longer, eight minute video of the fight between the two girls, the 14-year-old shovel thrower and the 18-year-old target, Miranda Fugate

Thanks to the hit, Fugate has more than just a bruise. "I'm deaf in one ear, I have a concussion, and I have like blood behind my eardrum," she says in an interview with WorldstarHipHop. Even so, she still wants a rematch with the other chick once she turns 18. Both the Vine and Worldstar videos have launched her into Internet stardom, so much so that Fugate wants to take on another infamous Internet icon: Sharkeisha. 

I want to fight Sharkeisha so bad!

"I want to fight Sharkeisha so bad!" she says in the Worldstar video, to which the hosts cheer her on. And that's what it comes down to: our hunger for video clips of bloody fights between teenagers is fueling a machine that makes these people Internet famous... whether they're the ones delivering the hit, or the one receiving it. In this case, the girl who got smacked in the head is basking in newfound fame and looking for the next fight, instead of hiding from the public eye.

The cost of keeping that fame? Being encouraged by grown men to keep the content coming.